Columbus High School Implements High-Speed Internet

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Columbus High School Implements High-Speed Internet

Brother Kevin Handibode, F.M.S., President of Christopher Columbus High School, says that “through technology Columbus High School is providing innovative and effective ways to engage students, making them better learners and preparing them for today’s society.”

The South Florida Digital Alliance (SFDA), formerly known as the Miami-Dade Broadband Coalition (MDBC), announced today that Christopher Columbus High School has launched a new SFDA high-speed internet connection to support the implementation of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for its students this Fall.

“With the Alliance we increased our bandwidth ten-fold, getting ready for the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ project that we are going to start this fall,” notes Elena Alvarez, Director of Technology at Columbus, “and that way we are ready to provide the appropriate bandwidth for our students and faculty.”

The superior internet access and speed provided by the new SFDA connection translates directly into higher levels of productivity for the students, faculty and staff, allowing them to quickly locate the information they need. Students now use the high-speed internet connection to sign up for online prep courses for college and watch streaming videos as part of their school work. Teachers are relying more on YouTube videos in class, as well as using SMART Boards and videoconferencing for class instruction.

Additionally, the school’s technical staff is now investigating “Cloud-based” applications to provide access to a wider range of educational services, which would not have been possible with the school’s former internet service. Even Columbus’ award-winning news program, CCNN, can now be made available to parents and students outside of the school.

“Clearly our education systems will increasingly turn to BYOD programs to extend the learning experience to include e-textbooks, videos, educational applications, online research and other digital learning tools into a multi-modal learning style which is natural to our students – the true ‘digital natives”, stated James Osteen, Executive Director of the SFDA. “It is very fortunate for South Florida that our local educational institutions, like Columbus High School, are on the leading edge of
implementation in this area. The education of the next generation will require a new set of digital skills that traditional methods cannot provide”, stated Pat Johnson, Managing Partner of WorkMagic.

ABOUT CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS HIGH SCHOOL: Christopher Columbus High School is a Catholic, college preparatory, all-male secondary school set on a beautifully landscaped 19 acre campus in Miami, Florida. Established in 1958, the school fosters the pursuit of academic excellence, the heritage of Catholic education, and the unique spirit and mission of the Marist Brothers which aims to nurture the growth of the whole student in heart, mind, and body. The school features seamless integration of cutting-edge technology throughout all eight academic buildings, including Smart Boards and LCD projectors in all classrooms, fully-equipped science labs, a media center, and a state-of-the-art technology complex with a digital based library, computer labs, and a production studio. The school’s college preparatory curriculum features a variety of instructional strategies and enrichment programs to serve a diverse learning community and enable students to achieve their full potential.  The mission of the school is “to make Jesus Christ known and loved, as we prepare young men for higher education and for their continuous challenge of harmonizing faith, culture and life.” For more information, please visit

ABOUT THE SOUTH FLORIDA DIGITAL ALLIANCE: Established in 2009, the South Florida Digital Alliance, formerly known as Miami-Dade Broadband Coalition, is an unprecedented collaboration of diverse South Florida entities representing government, health care, education, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Its shared goal is to increase South Florida’s economic competitiveness through the support of digital literacy programs and the elimination of the “digital divide”, especially in the underserved areas of the community. The mission of the SFDA is to transform the community through the promotion of digital literacy and the adoption of affordable broadband access by all citizens of South Florida. What makes the Alliance unique are its members: anchor institutions and businesses working together toward the organization’s common goals. For more information, please visit

ABOUT WORKMAGIC: WorkMagic, LLC is a consulting firm that focuses on leveraging operating efficiencies to increase profits and reduce cost. We do this by focusing on 2 areas: Human Capital and Technology. Within the Human Capital Division, we partner with organizations in their Strategic Planning process to assist in the actual development of the plan. We identify opportunities within the plan and assist in the procurement of the products and services needed to implement the plan. Within the Technology division, we assist organizations in enterprise system design/management and telecommunications consulting. For more information, please visit

 To request and coordinate an interview with Jackie Zelman, South Florida Digital Alliance chair, other members of SFDA’s board of directors, and/or the group’s executive director, Jim Osteen, please call Arquimedes Trujillo at 305.281.9700 or e-mail him at

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