ProMiami: What Makes Your Business Unique?

Running a business in this day and age requires innovation, creativity, expertise, will power. . .  and adaptability. Sustaining any level of growth and achieving success in today’s market is a challenge, which is why ProMiami, a private sector business coalition focused on promoting commercial activity to/from/within Miami, would like to know what you do and how you do it better.

  • Have you modified your business module?
  • How have you adapted to changes in your industry?
  • Have those adjustments produced positive results?
  • How do you see your industry a year from now?
  • Any advice to other entrepreneurs/professionals?

Please share your remarks in the Comments section below; they may offer solutions to other ProMiami members. Not a member yet? Contact us today at

Thank you for participating!

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One thought on “ProMiami: What Makes Your Business Unique?

  1. Kia ora Arquimdes,

    I love your name – very stylish. I wish you well with your venture. In terms of what makes my business unique – indigeneity, my indigenous roots, a genuine desire to share worldwide my understandings based on indigenous traditional knowledge blended with western earth & cosmological sciences knowledge systems.

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