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miami metal cover wMiami Empresarial Magazine is a Proud Media Partner of the following Prestigious Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Higher Education Institutions and their events:

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Copy of 21_miamiemp.p1 wMiami Empresarial Magazine has been active covering the positive impact of foreign companies in our area, including massive investments and relocation of companies from Spain to Miami. In the first issue covering this subject, Miami Empresarial published statistics from the US Department of Commerce highlighting Spain’s whopping $43 Billion investment for three consecutive years until 2009.

As we plan a new Special Section on the Spain-Miami link, impressive numbers are once again emerging as even more companies continue to target the US general and Hispanic markets, as well as Latin America, with South Florida as their “new world” launching pad.

And it’s not only corporations settling in our area! Hundreds of Spanish families are finding Miami a compatible, friendly and welcoming city to bring up their kids.

In our next issue you can expect more in-depth interviews with the new international players in Miami, more exclusive photography and a dynamic multi-platform publication that you’ll read and use as reference over and over.

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For those companies coming into Miami, don’t miss the opportunity to introduce your firm’s products/services to South Florida top decision-makers and readers with the buying power your new venture needs. How? With a strategically placed and distributed advertisement and/or feature story in Miami Empresarial.

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If you are interested in bringing your company to the next level, you must include Miami Empresarial Magazine in print and digital editions in your advertising and sponsorship budget. Contact us today for a private presentation to show you our traffic and circulation statistics and help you get your business in the spotlight. . .  arquimedes@miamiempresarial.net or 305-281-9700


Here are some articles from the previous editions of Miami Empresarial:

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Join us in thanking some of the Miami Empresarial and Conceptual Advertising sponsors that have made this publication possible:

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Join us in thanking some of the Miami Empresarial and Conceptual Advertising sponsors that have made this publication possible:

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Miami Empresarial is a proud Media Partner of the Clap & Wine Mediterranean Gourmet Wine Cellars and Olive Oil Mills



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ABOUT MIAMI EMPRESARIAL MAGAZINE: Since its inception in 2007, Miami Empresarial has concentrated on fulfilling a double mission: 1) to present local entrepreneurs’ and companies’ stories of success (and, in this economic climate, of survival, adaptability and revitalization) and (2) to promote commercial activity and relationships in our area and between South Florida and the world. The publication focuses on all of South Florida’s industries as well as the national and international trends that affect the area’s commercial and industrial environment. Its scope ranges from top area entrepreneurs and professionals to foreign nationals planning to travel/expand to Miami or already living/operating in South Florida. In its printed and digital editions, Miami Empresarial seeks to disseminate positive, actionable information about commercial activity to/from/within this area. Its slogan is “Because Miami Is Open for Business” and, as readers perceive from its editorial content, business is certainly alive and thriving in Miami!

MiamiEmp covslide 2Miami Empresarial partners with top institutions, such as the University of Miami School of Business, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, The Chicago Booth School of Business and other international professional organizations and chambers, and produces special editions with up-to-the-minute developments and special events from specific industries. Not only does the magazine cover the area’s most important forums on business, Miami Empresarial also creates its own seminars and roundtables on Real Estate, International Trade, Finance and other topics with influential speakers/panelists. Among our most successful industry-focused events are its “Meeting of the Minds” luncheons.

For more information, please visit http://miamiempresarial.net. To view the magazine’s digital edition in “flip-book” format, go to http://issuu.com/miamiempresarial

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